What do you do with to much inspiration?

For me, I tend to screw up A LOT of potential art. It's not that I'm not good, and it's not that I'm unfamiliar with the system. It's that one photograph can't possibly tell 20 stories going on at the same time.

Now what do I do with these you might wonder?

I keep them. Not to show anybody and not frustrate myself. I keep them because even though they didn't artistically turn out the way that I had hoped it doesn't mean in the future that something may not come from them. It also means that to me they've become a therapeutic piece, simply a piece that allows me to work through many negative and positive emotions happening at the same time.

I've had art going back is young as 15 years old, and I am nearly 40 years old. I still go back to those old pieces, I like to see where I was at what I was trying to express to the world and then sometimes I pick that old piece back up and I put my newer art touch to it and it finally becomes complete.

There is no way that every piece that you do will be amazing, spectacular or even express what it is you're trying to express.

Recently I've been put through a situation that is still ongoing, it is extremely stressful and it's stressful almost every moment of the day. And I will get on my computer to do my usual which is to create art and tell stories but nothing was working. I simply learned that I had to step back and take those times to mess around with things I've never messed around with before, combine things I would normally never combine and just wait and watch and see what happens.

I learned that art should never feel like a task, you should never feel like a job. It should feel rewarding, uplifting, and joyful and when your peace is done you should have a sense of satisfaction and completion. When you lose sight of that in your art then you know something's wrong you need to take a step back evaluate what's happening in your life and sometimes just drop out of that cookie cutter and mess around with things you have never messed around with before make the ugliest picture you can possibly come up with because I'll tell you what in that moment of ugliness you'll learn a new little trick or a new little tweak and you'll also get a better sense of who you are as an artist.


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