Thanking my Freelancer

I knew but never realized at the same time how much work goes into starting a site, using social media and starting classes at the same time to create this future I see for myself.

I want to thank to give a huge shout out to Manuel G. at also @mannfo_offical on Instagram. He is an expert full stack developer and has a team which can run a quick QA on your site with no additional charges along with some great skills behind him.

I was very hesitant to hire someone to go in and help me tweak a few things on the site. And I hired someone brand new, but EVERYONE deserves the chance to be new and prove themselves. He did, not only did he fix the glitches, he went further and told me what else I needed to do on my end. Because of this positive interaction I don't feel overwhelmed.

Remember to thank the people who help you on your journey.


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