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What I do isn't driver by the usual factors in an artists life. I do this to save my life. I cope with my own unseen battles and being a caregiver for a family member full-time. Life didn't go in any way I thought it would go and that's ok, God's got this, not me.

Art is my coping, my stress release, my absolute joy and in many ways a savior to me. Without it I don't know where I'd be or how to even communicate what I feel. In person I'm considered outgoing and definitely use a lot of physical expressions when talking.

But still, to me, it doesn't touch the surface of how I feel inside. Its both a blessing and a curse but I see the world through many spectrums all at the time. I see every side to a story at once, I break it down and compartmentalize the hell out of it. Its just how I am.

I am not your average cup of tea. Each piece I do, whether "good" or "what we're you thinking??" has a purpose. Each color has a reason, every line, texture, shape, tone and value all is chosen to release something in my mind, and sometimes both the "good" and the "bad" come out in the same image.

I create for me first and for most. NOT for anyone else anymore, For awhile I used to until people shut me down so bad I stopped creating for a long time. And it almost ruined me, sitting there thinking I need to make something "pretty" for someone else, that I was the one that needed to "fit in". Yeah no, not happening anymore.

Art is my therapy and I'm going to therapy the way I want, show what I see, what I feel. Show what I don't talk about. Art breaks down the wall I put up to everyone. If you can read my art and all those little nuances in each image then you are hearing me.

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