Good Morning!

What to blog today...hmmm. Well My cat is currently begging for my crackers, I binged #BaileySarian last night and I just recently had my injections for SI Joint Dysfunction and still nailed 100% on an assignment in my Graphics Design Specialization course at

I've also been working at uploading more images and adding older pieces as well on my site. I obviously like my new work but I also like to see where it came from. Older art doesn't mean "bad" art, just means you're learning and trying new things to get better and just have some fun.

I do plan on uploading my first acrylic piece as is, nothing will be edited or touched up. Thing is OLD! Still can't believe I've held on to it since 2000. This piece was the start of it all. I'll be posting it to and for now and eventually on my site.

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