"In Your Head" BS

Recently I was diagnosed with Congenital Sucrose-Isomaltose Deficiency. This has been a battle my whole life, and the last 10 years has been the worst.

In 2021 things really got bad for me, I was seeing doctors right and left and everyone of them kept telling me the same thing over and over. Your mental health is the cause. Amongst some other insulting comments.

At one point I was told right to my face that its all in my head and that I needed to admit that I had an eating disorder because I just wanted attention, no joke. The doctor was so kind as to put in a referral for a feeding tube behind my back despite the fact that I love food. SMH

Where does my mental health come into all of this? ( this condition hadn't been discovered just yet ) While I was dealing with this GI "flare" my Vit D and Calcium kept going up and up and up, doctors watched it going up and tried to tell me it was fine when I hit the toxic level.

This condition had been wreaking havoc on my body, every level of anything in my body had been going crazy ups and downs for years. And I kept saying something is wrong in my gut not my head. But NOPE, I'm the crazy one here. Well it got to such a severe point that I voluntary admitted myself to a mental health unit.

I was scared shitless to say the least, for myself and the repercussions of having that on my health record. What happened there shocked me to hell, I explained what was going on expecting to hear the same "in your head" crap. That didn't happen, the doctor pulled up all my labs and saw what was happening inside my body, they said I should never have ended up there, the prior doctors let this happen to me. They even got me a county dietician to talk to, (I had been repeatedly refused a referral up until this point) then told me what specialists to ask for.

But more importantly it was the first time I had ever heard a physiatrist say that whatever unknown physical condition I had was the cause of my mental health condition. What all this comes down to is that it is very real to have a physical condition that makes a mental health condition appear or worsen. I'm living proof of that right now.

My condition affects how my body absorbs anything I eat, then in turns affects how my body prioritizes which organs get what, in the process further damage was still always being done. I sincerely gave up and truly believed this was a result of something I was doing wrong mentally, that I had to some how be causing these issues, I believed I was a mentality "damaged" as they wanted me to believe.

Don't give up, if you know that something in YOUR body isn't right keep pushing and pushing. Its your body, your life. Don't let some asshole doctor determine your health. And remember a physical condition can really be the cause of a mental health condition or worsening of one. I am in that battle right now, removing incorrect mental health diagnoses I received due to this condition. Even if I never get that part straightened out its wonderful to know what is really wrong with me and it's not all in my head.