Emergency Preparedness

As a caregiver this is always something in the back of my mind.

"What is something happens?" Do I have back-up plans for something as simple as the right meds with me at all times when out of the house?

Or what if a storm comes and the power goes out? What should be in the emergency bag if we have to leave at a moments notice?

Life throws us all curve balls all the time but caring for someone with a disability or having a disability can be challenging and even scary when it comes to the what if something happens oh crap moments.

I've learned for myself personally what works for us and our family, and it does take some time to plan out back-up plans. But when that moment comes you will be thankful to have one less thing to worry about.

Before I put a link up I found that made me think to do this post, I found a "trick" that has helped me at home. I separated meds and supplies into 3 bags, I found small craft bags on Amazon with tons of pockets and zippers, best part they are all a different bright color, if something happens I just look for that color bag and everything's in there. If someone's over they know what the bags look like and all I have to do is say "get me the red bag." No more hunting in a slight panic for supplies that like socks and lids seems to always move or disappear.

Here's the site I found from the CDC about Disability & Health Emergency Preparedness that got me thinking about this.

I really recommend spending time thinking about the what ifs and having a plan(s).

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