That is the name of the game theses last few weeks, its 1:00am and I'm up still trying to get this looking its best. I'm sure my usual habit of rearranging EVERYTHING will come into play here, ALOT, sorry ahead of time for that.

But as I see it, there's always room for improvement. Such as with my art. I know I'm not great or even good at times, but what I am is determined to find and be my best.

To give what I feel, see and hear out there in this world and in my own personal life.


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Been A bit-2 new projects coming

So I've been busy with life, really who isn't? lol I've taken a step back from my usual creativity and have ben focused on two specific projects right now. Through out these years I've been learning w

Dare I say this?

My superhero. Dare I say this? Superheroes do exist…. They live among us, we speak to them every day, shake their hand, stand in line with them and walk by them unbeknownst. They live in the city, the

Say thanks

Always say thank you to the people that help you, support you and generally just care about what you doing. So I want to say thank you to two people that have helped and supported me recently. Jacob B