Dare I say this?

My superhero.

Dare I say this? Superheroes do exist…. They live among us, we speak to them every day, shake their hand, stand in line with them and walk by them unbeknownst. They live in the city, the country, the small little towns and the giant skyscrapers. Not a day will go by that you won't bump into a superhero.

About 6 years ago I stumbled upon my own personal superhero that didn't even know that was their destiny. I had the amazing privilege, and the deep sorrow, to witness her come into her gifts. This beginning was filled with a lot of tension and confusion, but also an amazing wealth of resilience, fight and raw determination. She however doesn't see it from my perspective and views her transformation with humility. Even now I doubt she realizes her strength when she looks in the mirror.

What makes this whole metamorphosis into a superhero unique is that she came into this during the worst possible years in her life. She suffered through and still does, severe chronic pain. She has had to give up an entire life before she had a chance to live it, and then turn around and reshape a new one that seems to still constantly change on her. Through this she has maintained a level of pose, dignity and faith that rivals the superheroes on screen. These qualities and many more are possessed by silent superheroes all around us. They crave the "normal" life, one where a smile really is just a smile and movie date isn't cancelled last minute. They also bear a heavy burden for those around them, the people they feel they let down, with apologies and saddened eyes. Many chose to keep their internal battles from us not lie or be deceptive but to protect us.

In my personal experience I have watched as my superhero's legs stumbled and her fingers disobey, and her body betrayed her with unrelenting pain. As her world crashed over and over each day, she always picked up those pieces, put them back together to build a new tomorrow knowing the next day may bring yet another crash.

That resilience and dedication is honestly breathtaking, it takes a raw power and determination to make the conscious choice to get back up and stand defiant in the face of defeat.

My daughter is my superhero, she is who I look up to and who I want to be in life. I want to honor her strength with all I have, I will be there when her she removes her mask and be there to help her put it back on. I will silently follow her lead and respect her every battle. I will acknowledge my superheroes struggle and resilience.

Please always remember the concept of a superhero isn't defined by capes or costumes but by inner qualities that are so ingrained they are indistinguishable from the person themselves. Take pride if you know a superhero, they will teach you everything you need to know to be a better person.



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