I describe myself as a Narrative Artist before anything else because that is what I do. I tell a narrative, “A spoken or written account of connected events”. I just happen to do it with color and texture instead of words, and always with the intention to engage the heart of the viewer. I want to put a “visual voice” to what I see in the world, in my life, and in the lives around me. It has become a driving motivator for me. 

To do that I enjoy using a wide variety of mediums, techniques, and styles. This allows me the freedom and power to express myself without boundaries or restrictions.

don't much care for the word "inspiration" in reference to what I do. I don't sometimes know how to explain what I do, how I go about doing it or where I hope this will lead me in the future. I just know that there is still a lot of ignorance and discrimination surrounding "Disability”, "Invisible Illness”, "Disorder" and “Disease”. These words can be so utterly defining that the person is lost the moment it's said. The person no longer has worth, context or even a voice. 


My daughter and I have lost that voice many times, and we fought back. We were discriminated against and defended ourselves. My daughter was silenced and I got angry. I chose to fight back and started telling the world her story through visual artworks. 

There is and always will be a fight on all our hands. All I want is to not be silenced anymore, to advocate the best I know how, to educate where ever I can and support  the strongest person I  have ever met.


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