Contmeporary Portrait, mixed with Abstract art. Tired womans face with butterflies.

Fly Away With Me

Digital manipulation, disability, laspe, green, grey
Abstart, contemporary art
contemporary art about complex regiional pain disorder


Auditory sensory disorder


Abstrac photography, pain, sad



photographs of disability

28 Days

Disability is often defined in the moment the word is said. It is a strange word that holds such hard bias when uttered that the context of one's life is stripped away at that moment. Where does disability end and a person begin? 


For 28 days I photographed my subject daily, catching moments in her life and showing the many faces of disability. When people are open-minded and allow for a full story on that individual it's another step to breaking stigma, it is another step in acceptance, it is another step to understanding there is more to the world.

Visual art nude



Digital artist Visual artist visual art
Acrylic painnting, digital edit, contemporary art


Tourette's syndrome

Breaking Point

Tourette's in Visual